Why pay for outdated,
expensive credit reports

when you can get them for free?

With FreightNetworking CreditExchange, freight transportation-related companies come together and share information on creditors, helping each other obtain the most accurate information on creditors available.

By sharing receivables information with each other through our trucking credit reports, we are building a continuously growing database of the freight transportation industry’s best companies to work with. And we’re also making available trucking credit service data on companies that are slow to pay, helping our members make informed decisions before taking on new loads.

Best of all, FreightNetworking CreditExchange is completely free for companies that share their trucking credit data. The more members that join, the more comprehensive our trucking credit service database becomes. Tell your friends!

FreightNetworking CreditExchange is a rapidly growing trucking credit service for credit reports on companies that work in the freight transportation industry. When you and other companies in the industry share your receivables data without a gatekeeper restricting access to that data, everyone benefits.

Our trucking credit service data helps you make better informed business decisions. Use our trucking credit service data to search for problem debtors, research the credit status of potential new customers, monitor credit portfolios, update your own creditor lists and more.

We provide trucking credit reports, transportation credit reports, freight broker credit reports, shipper credit reports and more. If you are in the transportation industry and rely on reports showing how debtors pay, FreightNetworking CreditExchange is the site for you.

FreightNetworking CreditExchange: Delivering timely, accurate, information and peace of mind, free of charge.

• By exchanging trucking credit report information, members of FreightNetworking CreditExchange help each other reduce bad debt while eliminating the expense of credit checks.

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