Why pay for outdated,
expensive credit reports

when you can get them for free?

Memeber Requirements

For companies that help us build our database of freight transportation industry creditors, your trucking credit service reports from the site are always free. Simply share your trucking credit report receivables data and you can review as many trucking credit service reports as you’d like, at no charge.

We can’t guarantee this trucking credit service will be free forever, but we will guarantee that for those who sign up and provide us with their updates monthly the trucking credit service is free and will remain so. So get in on the ground floor and enjoy your free reports today!

Access trucking credit service reports around the clock, at any time, and from anywhere.

Signing up your business for membership in FreightNetworking CreditExchange is easy.

1. Read the link below on technical requirements so your records can be uploaded to our system.

2. Create a new membership

3. Upload your trucking credit reports accounts receivables documents each month.

4. Enjoy your unlimited, free trucking credit service reports — as many as you like every month. They are available day and night, year-round.

To learn about the technical requirements for uploading your data to FreightNetworking CreditExchange, click here.